Privacy first, financial freedom second.

Finally an app centered around privacy not customer data. Manage your assets in one single platform.

Financial freedom starts here

Your assets protected

Customer data is always end to end encrypted using our open source engine. We don't sell your private data to advertisers.

Manage everything

From bank accounts to crypto accounts, manage all of your external accounts in a single secure location.

The brand you can trust

From other brands like PrivateMobile and PrivateConnect. Or mission is privacy and security for everyone.

Your private debit card.

Digital wallet and private debit card

Instantly sign up for a digital wallet and receive a custom debit card of your choice.

Get instant rewards

Automatically be rewarded just for using your card everyday. Like free phone service on PrivateMobile just for using your wallet.

Overdraft protection

We never charge our customers for being late or over-drafting their account.

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View your financial profile in one app.

Don't download multiple apps when we have it all in one.

  • Connect as many outside banks or crypto accounts as you want.
  • Only you have control over your crypto keys. We don't store them.
  • Get recommendations about credit usage or where to invest your money.

Your private crypto card

*Coming Soon

No more waiting

Instantly send crypto to other PrivatePay users over the lightning network.

Keeping transactions private

By default blockchain transactions are viewable by anyone. We automatically protect your transactions so they are not visible.

Identiy protection

Send transactions anonymously or securely using our open source technology.

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The future of banking is here, are you ready for it?